Wellness and Health Coaching

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and  Homeopath, I integrate both practices creating a fusion to empower my clients to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Homeopathy and Functional Medicine together are able lead you to get your health back. Homeopathy stimulates your body’s innate healing power treating all levels of your being: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical while applying Functional Medicine principles  we’ll create together a plan to address root causes of health issues focusing on diet exercise, sleep, emotional wellbeing, specific supplements needed, and more wellness tools .

True healing involves a growth in consciousness, an opening in awareness and a return to oneself. Everything else is symptom relief”.   -Ian Watson.



As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I use Functional Medicine principles & positive psychology coaching techniques to:


Educate and help you understand your Functional Medicine doctor’s plan of care


Offer tools to implement new lifestyle changes


Motivate you to use positive psychology techniques


Guide you through dietary changes, food plans, and physical activity protocols


Help you to understand how to read food labels and ingredients


Work directly with your practitioner when appropriate


Celebrate successes and encourage your progress

If this is what you need, I will be glad to be part of this wonderful journey to become a healthier you!

Brenda Plascencia



A health coach is not intended to substitute the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of your doctor or licensed medical professional. Health coaches do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications or recommend higher or lower doses of your current medication. Consult your health provider.

What my clients say

My 4 year old-daughter Regina suffered from chronic constipation and inflammation. For more than a year she had to take laxatives every single day. Last July I decided to try homeopathy. Well, I didn’t want my kid to become dependent on laxatives. Regina was given a three month-homeopathic cure, and the changes have been impressive. She got rid of the laxatives; she goes to the toilets without any problems, and her abdominal inflammation has disappeared. I am myself amazed at the results we have got with the homeopathy.

Become a healthier you!