Detox Therapy

Together with the Classical Homeopathic treatment, when it is indicated according to the client’s history, I apply a detox therapy using the Tautopathy Method.

Tautopathy (Tauto-same) is the method of curing or removing the bad effects of conventional drugs by means of identical potentised drugs. For. e.g., If you are suffering from the bad effects or side-effects of an antibiotic, vaccine, contraceptive pill, etc., you can use the potentised (homeopathic procedure of dilution and succussion) substance that is suspected to have left a bad effect on your body to remove its side effects. This idea has been confirmed not only clinically by large number of homeopaths but has also been studied scientifically.


Sometimes, the client has a history of long term use of conventional drugs and we often find that it could be an obstruction for the homeopathic remedies to work. It is also common to hear from the client, that her-his health has not been the same since the intake of an specific drug or medical procedure. The tautopathic administration of medicines can help to remove such obstructions and facilitate the action of the homeopathic remedy during the healing process.

I use the Tautopathic method following the CEASE Therapy protocols created by Dr, Tinus Smits, which is a Natural alternative method for the treatment of The Autistic Spectrum Expression.

According to Dr. Smits experience, the autistic spectrum is caused by the accumulation of various factors: 70% due to vaccines, 25% due to medicines or other toxic substances and the remaining 5%, to some illness. Thanks to tautopathy, their toxic effects and manifestations, can be eliminated.


While treating autistic children with Classical Homeopathy, he realized that the children’s health improved remarkably; however, he was aiming at something better. He came to the conclusion that there were still some obstacles on the way to his achievement. Some of his patients’ parents agreed that their child started to develop autistic symptoms after they had gotten vaccinated. This led him to try and find a process of detoxification of the suspicious substance that had caused the child’s suffering. Consequently, he started to prepare the substance, or vaccine, following the homeopathic principles; that is, by diluting and energizing it so as to eliminate the matter from it and only retain the energetic properties in it – applying in this way the homeopathy healing principle: “SIMILA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR” (Like cures like).

The experience he gained from the treatment of some 300 autistic children resulted wonderful. Some of them fully recovered. According to Dr. Smits, when the recovery is not totally achieved, it is due to some lack of information on the substances that may have caused the ailment. In many cases, indeed, the responsibility is not attributed to one substance only; it is rather the result of the interaction of various substances in a given vulnerable organism.



It is worth mentioning that the CEASE Therapy may be used to treat other ailments than that of the Autistic Spectrum, that is, any case in which the suffering is considered to have been caused by some exposure to toxic substances present in the environment, chemicals, medications, vaccines, etc. NOT ALL ORGANISMS ARE VULNERABLE. NOT IN ALL CASES WILL THE HARM BE CAUSED BY SOME CONTACT OR EXPOSURE TO SUCH SUBSTANCES. Each and every organism is unique, and what may affect one may not necessarily affect the other.

Dr. Tinus Smits’s experience is detailed in his book “Autism, Beyond Despair-CEASE Therapy”.

For further information, testimonies and a list of the CEASE therapists, please consult the official website:

What my clients say

I found a post on Facebook from 6 years ago. I was so sick then. It was the first step in my long journey back to health. The supplements and diet could not heal the damage done to my lungs by the MMR vaccine I received as a teen. From that time for the rest of my life I was plagued with chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Sinusitis. It’s hard to really describe what it’s like to live with damaged lungs. It takes away your stamina and makes you extremely susceptible to infections.

You never really feel well even when you’re not officially sick. In the past I would describe it as sitting on a balanced teeter totter. All it took was a grain of sand to sink me. Today, for the first time I can truly breathe easy. After doing the CEASE therapy with the MMR vaccine, my lungs have been restored and healed. I never really fully understood the severity of the damage until now.

I couldn’t breathe easily and when I did take deep breaths I didn’t have full lung capacity. Today, I am amazed and full of gratitude for every easy breath I am now able to take because of homeopathy and CEASE therapy. I am so glad that I found my homeopath, Brenda Plascencia, who has facilitated this total healing. I would like to recommend her to anyone who has autoimmune disease, chronic illnesses, vaccine damage, or acute illnesses like colds. She has been with me on this journey to complete healing and she can be for you or your loved ones as well.

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