Prices and Booking

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Consultations can be in person or online.

Homeopathic Consultations

Newborns up through 4 years old – $225 (Initial consultation)

Ages 5 to 16 – $275 (Initial consultation)

Ages 17+ – $325 (Initial consultation)

Regular Follow up Consultations

All ages – $100

Acute Care via Text Consultations

For those clients that have homeopathic remedies on hand: All ages – $50

Note: If you need immediate care for an acute, please send me a message through the “contact” section of this website, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Homeopathy does NOT substitute emergency care, if it’s an emergency, contact your professional medical services.


Worldwide Consultations


Cancellation Policy

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments made without at least a 24 hour notice incur a charge of full payment of your scheduled visit.

* Rates and conditions are subject to change.

What my clients say

I want to share the experience that I lived with the homeopathic treatment I received from Brenda Plascencia: I would never have tried this option, and I had been using the traditional medicine for many years; I had seen all types of doctors and specialists and taken a lot of medications, but I was still suffering from the same disease. I was told about homeopathy, and I decided to give it a try… The results have been very good: I’m feeling better, and not only with my physical pains; I have also noticed positive changes emotionally. I highly recommend the homeopathic treatment.

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