Prices and Booking

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Consultations can be in person or online.

Homeopathic Consultations

Newborns up through 4 years old – $225 (Initial consultation)

Ages 5 to 16 – $275 (Initial consultation)

Ages 17+ – $325 (Initial consultation)

Regular Follow up Consultations

All ages – $100

Acute Care via Text Consultations

For those clients that have homeopathic remedies on hand: All ages – $50

Wellness and Health Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are online via zoom, you can choose to have a package of 6 sessions (45 minutes each) where I would guide and help you to establish and reach your goals or if you prefer you can choose individual sessions according your needs.

» 3 months package (6 sessions) $550

» Individual sessions $100

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments made without at least a 24 hour notice incur a charge of full payment of your scheduled visit.

* Rates and conditions are subject to change.

What my clients say

I want to share the experience that I lived with the homeopathic treatment I received from Brenda Plascencia: I would never have tried this option, and I had been using the traditional medicine for many years; I had seen all types of doctors and specialists and taken a lot of medications, but I was still suffering from the same disease. I was told about homeopathy, and I decided to give it a try… The results have been very good: I’m feeling better, and not only with my physical pains; I have also noticed positive changes emotionally. I highly recommend the homeopathic treatment.

Become a healthier you!