The Importance of Diet and Nutrition in our Life

Health and Nutrition

Everything in nature is connected, we can observe it in several ways as the food chain, water cycle, life cycle, even the amazing connection among every organ function in human body. If a part our body or a link in the food chain is wrong the rest is going to be affected.

This is the reason why the environmental factors could affect human and animal nutrition in a positive or negative way.
That is to say that, if the quality of the air, water, and soil is good, then we will obtain a good quality of food and as a result, we will have a healthy body. On the other hand if the quality of the air we breath is not good enough, if the water is contaminated or the soil is not fertile if it is damaged or contaminated, the food that we and animals eat is not going to nourish properly our bodies and as a consequence, that would cause an unbalance in our organism and our health is going to be threatened.

The development of civilization and technology has had great advances and benefits to human and animals, but also had caused many damages in nature as global warming (rise in global temperatures) that is affecting every single thing in Mother Earth, e.g.: rise in sea levels because of the melting of snow and ice, an increase in global average air and ocean temperatures. That alteration have caused movements of species to higher altitudes or latitudes, changes in bird migrations, etc. With the changes in weather and contamination in water, soil and air, the animal species had been affected and there are lots of species about to disappear, and, if we remember the food chain, where every animal is connected, we can conclude that the fact of an extinction of one specie is going to affect all the links in the chain. Even the most tiny specie on Earth is important to maintain the balance, e.g.: bees are in charge of pollination of plants (Transfer of pollen from the male reproductive organ to the female reproductive organ ) without pollination there would not be possible for plants to reproduce. If we think about this, we can realized how harmful the use of insecticides in agriculture is: bees die because of it (or if the bee is able to resist the insecticide we eat the honey made from those plants) , so, pollination does not happen, and plants does not reproduce anymore…… but this is not all, these foods which were growth with insecticide , are the ones that we eat, just as the bee!!!!! Bees are now disappearing because of the increasing use of chemical pesticides and herbicides and it could be a very terrible problem for the entire population of the globe. Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”

The human being is eating worse each time, we are modifying food believing that is better for us, and this is causing that we now have new diseases or that our bodies become weaker and weaker. Now we try to make “better” food, modifying its nature by genetic manipulation also known as genetic engineering, which consist in the direct human manipulation of an organism´s genome using modern DNA technology. The principal products modified genetically are soybeans, corn, canola, tomatoes, rice and cotton seed oil. The goal in manipulating food is to obtain bigger and more resistant products, because they are non affected by herbicides, pesticides, etc., they are also retarded in the process of softening after harvesting , that is to say that have a longer period between the time of harvesting to the final consumer.

This is a very controversial topic, because, while for science and economy it is a great option, in human and animal health we cannot be sure how could it be: we cannot be able to know which of the products we eat have been manipulated, and we do not know the long-term effects of these genetically modified foods. That is not all, if we think about insects and animals that used to nourished from those plants, they are not doing it anymore, and they are dying because of the pesticides and herbicides just as bees, so, it modifies the entire food chain…..

Animals as fish, porks, chicken and cows are also manipulated in order to grow them bigger and faster, are plained of hormones and antibiotics and as a result we eat their meat which is full of those substances and affects our health.

The necessity of producing more food, had caused the intensification of crops without leaving a rest to the soil , using chemicals and pesticides and forcing it to produce more with these harmful methods. The result of it, is that we are making ill our soil and turning our immune system weak as consequence of so many synthetic products. These poisons are present in everything we eat: fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, and everything that is part of our supposed healthy diet.

In homeopathy we know that everything has its own energy, and when food gets into our bodies, it has the power of harmonize or cause an unbalance in all our systems and it is resulted in health or the lack of it, depending on what we eat.

I personally, think that we must go back and start doing as our ancestors: RESPECT MOTHER EARTH, we are part of it, and if we damaged her, we are damaging ourselves……

It would be a great idea that every family start cultivating their own food , and schools give a class designed to teach how to do our own crops at home, in every yard.

My family and I did it, and I noticed that my kids which did not want to eat vegetables before, started eating them because they grew and harvested them. They enjoyed looking at how they were growing up every day and, again, if we consider the fact that how the energy of what we eat affects us, it is great to know that the energy of the food produced by ourselves is the best of all, because it was grew with love…


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