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We often hear about all the benefits that breastfeeding will bring to our baby, and most of women plan to breastfeed once the the baby is born, but when that moment is here, we realized that it is not how we imagined it.

I often hear that in most of the cases the babies were not breastfed because their moms did not get enough milk. This is common when the baby is born premature or when there is a health issue with the mom or the baby where natural milk production is not possible. But in regular pregnancies, where the baby is delivered on time, I wonder: how is it possible that after 9 months where the woman’s body was preparing it self not only in creating a baby but also in prepare the breast to produce milk for this baby, and when the time comes, there is no milk for the baby?
The mammary glands prepare itself for breastfeeding since puberty, and one of the first changes that a woman’s body have during pregnancy, is the augmentation in breast size, due to the ducts and alveoli development. So, what is the reason of not having milk when the baby is born?
The answer is easy: we have lost the instinct… now they have to teach us what we should know by natural instinct….
Nowadays (at most hospitals worldwide) at the very first moment that the baby is born, the baby seems to be property of the hospital and they decide for us on how and what to do with him, the baby is separated from the mother, can you imagine how is it like for the baby to be away of the mother after nine months of her warmth and the security that she provides to him?
Right after it, it is common, that they start feeding him with formula….. and it it precisely here where the obstacle to have a successful breastfeeding starts…

Problem #1: “I have no milk”.
-It is very important for the mother to know that the first days after the delivery, she won’t have milk, but an aqueous substance called “colostrum”, which is designed by our wise body specially to develop the digestive and immune’s system of the baby and prepare it to receive the future milk.
The breastmilk’s composition changes according to the baby’s needs, so, when his digestive system is mature enough, breastmilk changes too.
Formula is very difficult for the new born’s system to digest, and this could cause him reflux, colics, or constipation, and it is here where the baby starts to get medication that could have been avoided only by breastfeeding.
The nipple’s suction movement will prepare the baby for this process too, but when the baby receives formula instead, he sill be satisfied enough and won’t do what his instinct would dictate, which is suction the nipple until the food appears. If the mother starts giving him formula, believing that this is a good option while the milk appears, the baby won’t make the effort to get it, and this process will stop the natural milk production.

Problem #2: “The baby wants to suck all day long, he is not satisfied with my milk”.
-The more the baby sucks, the more milk the mother will get. It is because of his immature digestive system that the food has to come slowly, light and easy to digest. This is the reason why the baby asks for food so often during the first weeks. As much as the mother feeds him, she will not only get more milk but it’s composition will change and will satisfy the baby more and more as time passes.

Problem #3: “It hurts a lot, my nipples are bleeding”.
Yes, it is true… it is common to get cracks, bleeding and sensitive nipples.
The pain could be a result of a bad mom-baby position at the time of breastfeeding (the mother should be comfortable seated and reclined while the baby’s belly should be facing the mom’s belly, better with no blankets or clothes in between).
If there is pain when the baby is sucking, the nipple should be taken away with the help of a finger close to his mouth’s corner, to create an air bubble and take it away softly, and after that, try to pose right the baby again.
A wrong position can result in cracks or pain. Another reason for nipple pain could be sensitiveness due to the many times that the baby sucks during the first days, it could be very painful, but will pass in a couple of weeks, once the mom’s nipple get used to it. If this is too painful, the mom can take out the milk with a pump while the nipple heals.
There are many natural ways to prepare the nipples during pregnancy as well as to heal the cracks once they appear. For example, during the pregnancy the mother can use a soft teeth brush and brush the nipples daily, this will make them less sensitive.
Homeopathy can help with oral and topic forms to heal the nipples when cracked (Calendula is one of the main homeopathic remedies for this).
Cleaning up the nipple after every meal with a water and natural cider vinegar damp cotton will help to regulate the skin’s HP after being exposed to the baby’s saliva.

Problem #4: “My nipple is inverted, the baby can’t get it”

-This could also be something that the mother could prevent since pregnancy: there are some little special cups that can be easily found at maternity stores, these cups help to shape the nipple during the firsts months of pregnancy in order to have it ready when the baby comes.

Breastfeeding is a privilege, it is an art specially during these times where we live in a constant hurry, where mothers have to go to work, and where we need everything quick and easy, this circumstances make breastfeeding even more difficult. Fortunately for this situations there are milk pumps that allow moms to store milk and have it ready even if they are son present.
For those moms, who have the fortune and privilege of being with your babies all the time, think about how wise and practical Mother Nature is: You can have already all the food that he baby could need, without worries about its temperature or storage, and even better: without the need or sterilizing or wash the container bottles!

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial to the baby by strengthening his immune system, it will also benefit him emotionally…. I dare you to observe the facial expression of a baby while breastfeeding and while being fed by a bottle… if for some reason you are not able to breastfeed him, at least try to hold him without clothes in between, so he can feel your warmth……the link between a baby and their mother is so strong and beautiful…you as a mother, will have on your mind  forever their face, so tight to your breast while giving them all the tools to start their life out of your womb, that flow of love between you both is worth all the sacrifices that as a mother we sometimes make….
Time flies and the struggling period while they are babies, passes so fast…. Better enjoy the ride!

And remember: Homeopathy is always helpful, safe and effective for you and for the baby. Get in touch with your homeopath if there are issues as baby colic, or if you present mastitis, nipple cracks, etc. Your homeopath can coach you on how to treat it with homeopathic remedies.

Note: It is VERY important to get plenty of water while breast-feeding your baby, that will not just keep you hydrated but it will help your body to produce more milk too.

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