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Homeopathy optimizes the absorption of nutrients
Trace elements are chemical elements found in food in very low quantities, these elements are helpful for the good function of our organism because they activate the enzymatic reactions. They work in conjunction with vitamins and there is necessary to get a good balance in quantities , of both trace elements and vitamins for the good functioning of our body. Some of the functions where the trace elements can help are:
Assimilation and metabolism of food, renewal of tissues, strong immune system, synthesis of hormones, cellular reproduction, and the decrease of allergic reactions.
When there is a deficiency in one or more of the trace elements, we become unbalanced, and diseases can break into our body.
Nowadays we live very agitated and stressful life, that leads us to a poor nourishment, we are always in a hurry, and that leads us eat fast or frozen food which are not as healthy as the fresh one. This food looses a lot of nutrients in the process of preparation and during the freezing process. Now, we are used to eat refined flour, which has lost the part of the grain that contents the trace elements.
The excesses of any kind in our diet can also cause a deficiency of elements for example the excess of coffee may lead to a loss of calcium and as it causes excessive urination, where some more elements can be lost.
All of it, plus the bad quality of the soil which is full of chemicals and pesticides, the big quantity of antibiotics we take, and also the antibiotics impregnated in the meat we eat, the damage of the soil due to the removal of crops for so many years, the pollution in air, etc. as a result of all the mentioned above is that the trace elements do not work correctly in the organism, there could be a deficiency of one or more of them, so that deficiency is reflected in our health.
There are some other ways where one can lose trace elements as infections or gastrointestinal upsets which make us lose important nutrients. Menstruation in women or an excess in blood loss as in wounds or blood draws are also factors of deficiency of iron. Child birth and breast feeding could cause a loss of trace elements too, that is why it is very important to maintain an adequate alimentation during those periods of life.
It is also important to say that the excess in other elements may block the absorption of others e.g: an excess in calcium may reduce the absorption of iodine, or the excess of copper may cause liver damage.
Excessive sweating could cause a loss of trace elements too.

As we can see, there are a lot of factors which can cause a deficiency of trace elements in our organism.
Homeopathic remedies could be very useful in treating deficiencies in our bodies, because they stimulate our vital force and rebalance our systems, so, once we are balanced, our body starts working as it has to. That is to say that homeopathic remedies make our body remember what has to be done. For example: if there is a condition of non-absorption, or transportation of substances, the indicated remedy could help to regulate the function again. Homeopathic remedies could also help in cases of redistribution of trace elements, vitamins, salts, or even in the elimination of substances like allopathic remedies, toxins, street drugs, chemicals, metals, etc.
Homeopathy is helpful in the following deficiencies:

Osteoporosis: is a deficiency in the bone minerals density which causes bone´s fragility, the most indicated remedy is calcarea phosphorica.

Gastro-enteritic problems: could be due to a deficiency of magnesium, copper or selenium, and some helpful remedies are Nat.mur., Calc. carb., Magnesia mur.

Hypothyroidism: In order to have a good functioning of the thyroid gland, it is important to maintain good balance of iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese levels. When there is a deficiency of one of these elements, thyroid problems may start. Some of the principal remedies used in thyroid problems are Natrum. mur, Calc. carb., Sepia, Kali.carb., iodinum, thyroidinum.

Hypercalcaemia: is a malfunction in the calcium metabolism (elevated levels of calcium in the blood) which can cause several diseases as osteomalacia, difficult teething, open fontanelles, etc. The best homeopathic remedy for these cases is Calc. carb.

Diabetes and Arteriosclerosis: both diseases may be due to a deficiency of chromium which is the activator of the glucose tolerance factor, and it is said that chromium supplements can reverse arteriosclerosis.

Parkinson: It has been reported that Parkinson is strongly related to a deficiency of selenium. And that it is recommended to accompanied any kind of treatment with selenium supplements. Homeopathic remedies used in Parkinson are: Agaricus, Arg. nit., Conium, Cocculus, Rhus tox, Phosphorus, Plumbum, Merc., Gelsemium, Tarentula, Thuya, Zinc.

Vitamin B12 deficiency: a deficiency of this vitamin can cause several problems as depression, poor memory, irritability, fatigue, digestive problems, behavioral disorders. An important remedy in treating B12 deficiencies is sulphur.

Anemia: is a reduction of the red blood cells, due to a deficiency of iron and folic acid, and some of the most used homeopathic remedies for this condition are Ferrum metallicum, Natrum Muriaticum, China.

Dental caries : is a destruction of teeth because of a deficiency of fluorine, and calcarea flourica is one useful remedy for this condition.

Growth disorders: one of the causes of problems in children growth is a deficiency of iodum, thyroid problems, bone´s deficiencies, etc. in homeopathy there are many remedies that can help in this condition as: barita carbonica, calcarea, silicea, thyreoidinum, iodum, phosphorus, phosphoricum acidum.

Dehydration: is an excessive loss of fluids of the body that can be caused for many reasons as diarrhea, fever, vomiting, etc., homeopathy can help to rebalance the body from the lost of fluids. Some of the remedies used to re-hydrate are : veratrum album, secale, cuprum metalicum, carbo vegetalis, arsenicum album, etc.

Emaciation: is a loss of fat and muscle, and there could be many causes as poor nourishment, diseases of the digest system, parasitic infections, eating disorders, psychological disorders, etc. and depending on the cause of emaciation, the homeopathic remedy is going to be selected: Abrotanum, iodum, silicea, sulphur, tuberculinum, syphilinum, phosphorum, nitiricum acidum, among a lot of more.

Gastroparesis (Slow digestion): is a condition in which it takes a lot of time to the stomach to eliminate its contents. Some of the symptoms that it causes are nauseas, pain in the upper abdomen, spasms in the stomach area. Some helpful remedies are: nux vomica, lycopodium, natrum carbonicum, bismuthum, carb. veg., pulstilla, etc.

These are just a few examples about how Homeopathy can help people with trace elements deficiencies using homeopathic remedies and how we can accelerate the cure if we use also some other therapies as oligoelements, tissue salts and vitamins as a complement of the homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy works on the dynamic level and the other therapies work on the physical one, together the results are faster.

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