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As I get closer to the next stage, it makes me think about how the first half of my life has been and specially, how do I want the second one to be.

Being grateful is very important to me… In order be ready to start my next stage in life, I want to count my blessings:
I am thankful for my entire life, for my precious body that has been with me all these years, this body that had went through different stages as my life has changed: I’ve been a chubby girl, I’ve been a thin and fit woman, but also, some times I’ve been fat, I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had saggy skin, saggy breasts, etc, my body had been through so many forms and shapes and I’ve learned to always accept it, love it, take care of it, and keep it healthy!

I specially thank now my reproductive organs, my ovaries, my womb which held my amazing children and kept them warm in a perfect place to develop their also perfect bodies, I am so grateful for my beautiful deliveries, because I was able to give birth naturally with no anesthesia or substances that could harm my babies or me, I am thankful for my menses… always on time, always remembering me how amazing it is to be a woman … I am sure that I will miss them… and I thank them for the function they’ve had in my body.

Homeopathy has been always by my side, supporting my body and my mind during all the changes that I’ve been through: my teenage years, then during my pregnancies and of course Homeopathy was there during the deliveries of my babies and now, Homeopathy is here, preparing my body for the next stage…

Menopause is the time where the menstrual cycles end. It is diagnosed after you’ve gone 12 months without a menstrual period. This occurs around the ages of 45 to 52, although in some women, it may occur during the late thirties or early forties.
During the years leading up to that point, women can have changes in monthly cycles, hot flashes, lack of sleep, mood changes, anxiety, depression, etc.

Fortunately, Homeopathy can help us to go through these changes naturally. Remember that Homeopathy stimulates our organs to work properly, in a way that it is our own body the one that makes the job by its own.

It is always advisable to work with a professional Homeopath, because Homeopathic treatment has to be individualized in order to get better results. Some of the most common homeopathic remedies for menopause that I use for my clients and for myself are:

Sepia is one of the most used remedies for menopause, it is very helpful to manage heat flashes, decrease libido, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse.
Women needing this remedy, usually experiment a bearing down sensation in the uterus.
It is also indicated when there is weight gain during menopause, hair loss and headaches. A marked change in mood from being calm to irritable during this period is a strong indication to choose Sepia.

Strongly indicated for hot flashes during menopause. A key note is that woman needing Lachesis cannot bear tight clothing around neck or waist. Depression is also a marked symptom specially if its accompanied by aversion to social interaction, or apathy in general.

The main indication for this remedy is heavy bleeding during or in between menstrual periods, red bright blood, clots.

Depression, excessive weeping, sadness, sensation of isolation, sleeplessness, constant mood changes, wants to be left alone.

A strong indication for this remedy is osteoporosis during menopause, Calcarea Carbonica helps in decreasing the loss of calcium from bones and increases its absorption from food.

Depression, irritability, hysterical, grief, feels enveloped by “a heavy black cloud”.

And ALWAYS remember: Attitude is everything, so let’s take care of our mind and body because THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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